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Architects, Project Management Consultants, Interior Designers and the Professional fraternity in the Building Material Products the world over endorse & swear by fiber cement; the disadvantages of Plywood and Gypsum plaster boards are well addressed in fiber cement boards. FCB provides three major advantages – not getting affected by Termite, Water and Fire

Vboard is manufactured conforming to IS 14862:2000 / ASTM C 1186. It is a Type “B” Category”3” board, mainly meant for Interior and semi-exposed applications. Thickness range 4mm to 25mm.

Vpremium is a Type “A” category”3” board conforming to IS 14862:2000 / ASTM C 1186, which can be exposed to weathering conditions and can be used for exterior applications. Thickness range 4mm to 18mm.

Vplank is a designer exterior grade material, used for façade and external cladding, siding etc; it is a textured premium board, cut into 150mm or 200mm wide strips.

Applications - Vboard, Vpremium and Vplank are widely used for variety of applications like Wall panelling, Dry Walls, Partitions, False ceilings, Mezzanine flooring, Roof Underlay, Kitchen cabinets & Shelves, External cladding, Sidings, Façades, Gates cladding, Soffits (also known as ‘flower-bed ceiling’), etc.

No wonder, V Next products have large base of clientele in India, Middle East Countries, Africa …. And the list goes on……..

A user friendly product proven to be a better substitute for conventional walls and any other dry wall solutions. Vpanel is manufactured with technical know-how from Australia.

Vpanel is a light weight ready to use sandwich panel having the light weight EPS concrete as core material with Vboards as facing sheets. These panels are manufactured with precision and suitability in an Asbestos- free manufacturing unit at Miryalguda, Telangana, India. Vpanel comes with several beneficial properties including its energy efficiency, owing to its excellent thermal and acoustic properties. Vpanel is offered in 3 thicknesses 50mm, 75mm and 100mm with standard width of 600mm and lengths of 2400mm, 2700mm, 3000mm and 3300mm.

Vpanel is widely used as ready- to- install, non-load bearing walls; they are used for construction of site camps, offices, villas, resorts, farm houses, partitions in malls, hotels, hospitals etc.

V Panel is well accepted by Builders and Practicing Professionals in India and overseas.

Fire Resistant
Water Resistant
Termite Resistant
Eco Friendly

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