India’s 1st Solar-powered EV Charging Station

ATUM Charge

ATUM Charge is India’s first 100% Green EV Charging Station. It is powered by our very own ATUM Solar Roof, making it a completely sustainable alternative to existing EV charging units which use thermal power generation, one of the primary sources of pollution.

ATUM Charge stations are fabricated using Vnext Boards - a range of fibre cement boards which are excellent eco-friendly alternate to gypsum, wood, and plywood. Vnext products produce only 36 kg of CO2 emissions compared to 800 kg of CO2 produced by plywood; 1000 kg of CO2 by cement; and 2000 kg of CO2 by steel per tonne of production. ATUM Charge therefore would be generating green energy and promoting green commute in the real sense of the word.

Visaka will soon be launching similar ATUM Charge facilities at all metro cities and inroads have already been made for rigorous expansion across the nation. To facilitate quick expansion across the nation, Visaka is looking at tying up with interested individuals who own a piece of land in prime areas of any towns or cities and are willing to let it out on a lease basis for a period of ten years and beyond. Beside generating a monthly income, on which Visaka will give a year-on-year increment, this would also contribute to making the planet cleaner and lead to the speedier adoption of EVs.

Why ATUM Charge?

  • 3.3-10 KW normal charging EVSE (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment)
  • At least 2 EVSE per charging station
  • A CPO (Charge Point Operator)
  • Less expensive and requires less electricity and less space, reducing capital costs; can be connected to low-voltage single and three-phase distribution networks, which are easy to install and widely available in buildings and public spaces;
  • Provides EV charging points at locations where vehicles tend to park; EV users can save time, and eliminate the distance they have to travel to access public charging
  • A dense network of these power EV charging points reduce the need for high power and ultra-high power charging points, which are more expensive and can be detrimental to EV battery health if overused
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