Visaka Culture

Visaka believes that every individual working here makes an important difference in visaka culture. When it is said ‘VISAKA CULTURE’ it means, the culture consciously developed, 3 decades ago, where the employee respond to stimulus.

  • Acceptance and appreciation for diversity
  • Empowerment and Equal opportunity for each employee to realize their full potential within the company
  • Strong communication with all employees regarding policies and company issues
  • Much Lower than the prevailing Attrition rate in the market due to the credibility and culture.
  • Investment in learning, training, and employee knowledge

 Employee Speak

 Mr. Balaji, Officer-Purchase


We all are closely knit under Visaka and nurtured by the Team leaders. Lot of Training & skill development programs & mentoring keep happening. We have evolved as a professional here.


Mr. Kartik, Officer-Secretarial


You will always be pushed here and never a dull moment. Everyone around you is working for the same goal and you feel like you are truly part of something big and making true impact. You have lot of autonomy.


Mr. Narsimha Rao, Manager-Accounts

  • Working in this company since 2008 in Finance & Accounts Dept
  • Each day is a new opportunity and learning here. Lot of employee empowerment.
  • Senior management team is very supportive in all aspects. All are treated in par, irrespective of the position or the Dept.


Mr. Santosh Vancha, Manager-Mktg International Textiles

  • Feels best place to explore, learn, develop, upgrade new technical and organizational skills.
  • Our environment is conducive for continual development.
  • With constant mentorship and guidance from my boss, gets opportunity to play different roles for various scenarios, for achieving organizational objectives and goals.



 We appreciate your interest in exploring career opportunities with us.
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Position : Manager-Business Development (VBoards Mktg)

Qual: MBA (Mktg)

Experience: 5-10 yrs

Contact Details:

Ms. Chetanya, Manager-HR, 70326 63350
Ms. Sriswarna, Asst Manager-HR, 99890 56869

Position : Executive-Business Development (VBoards Mktg)

Qual: MBA (Mktg)

Experience: 1-5 yrs

Location of Posting: Bangalore, Delhi , Mumbai, Cochin, Chennai & Hyderabad

Contact Details:

Ms. Chetanya, Manager-HR, 70326 63350
Ms. Sriswarna, Asst Manager-HR, 99890 56869